Wire Wrapped Crystal Bangle (multiple options)

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Wire Wrapped Crystal Bangle, brought to you by High Vibe Sentiments. These pair nicely with the “Dipped in Gold” rings and raw stone pendants (as modeled)

QUARTZ- amplifies the energy of any other stone you pair it with. The phrase that comes to mind is “crystal clear”. Clears negativity, enhances clear knowing (clairvoyance), and can balance the murky shizz. Ain’t nobody got time for brain fog and confusion. Meditate with it to raise your vibration. Shine on!

ROSE QUARTZ - symbolic of love. They say love is one of the highest vibrations. Love of self and others. Forgiveness of self and others. Related to the heart chakra. The heart is the wellspring of life (Proverbs reference).

BLACK TOURMALINE- stone of protection against psychic attacks and electromagnetic frequencies. Grounding energy.

AMETHYST: is most commonly associated with the crown chakra. The crown chakra is our connection to The Divine, and our higher self. If you’re interested in enhancing your spiritual awareness, you’ll love amethyst.

Specs: Copper bangle with natural clear quartz, rose quartz, or black tourmaline.  2.5” diameter/5.4” inner circumference (runs small)