Teesha Borum, Owner/Designer of High Vibe Sentiments

High Vibe Sentiments promotes self-love and authenticity. Thoughts are powerful and perception is reality. So go within to transmute the negative and turn it into positive. Recognize your divinity and dim your light for NO ONE. Know yourself. Love yourself. Be yourself. Asé

My brand is a reflection of my journey to self-love, as well as incorporating my interest and beliefs. I’m enjoying making and designing new products. It’s an outward expression of an inward truth. My light will not be dimmed because I recognize my divinity within. If the message resonates with you, I hope you wear High Vibe Sentiments with as much pride as I have in sharing it with you.
I’m originally from sunny California
I’m a Reiki master
I am a cat and turtle mom:)

This black woman-owned brand is designed and/or handcrafted in Atlanta, GA.