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High Vibe Sentiments

Loc Jewels (Goddess Edition)

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Loc Jewels, brought to you by High Vibe Sentiments. This is the GODDESS EDITION. Stardust Edition coming soon...

Adorn your locs, twists or braids with handcrafted jewelry suited for the best of crowns.  


•approximately 10mm (inner dimension) LEAVE A NOTE IF YOU PREFER A SMALLER SIZE
•made with gold plated copper wire

•Your choice of Natural Cowrie Shell, Natural Quartz, or a gold plated stainless steel ankh.

Your accoutrement of choice will be attached to a hand spiraled wire. The wire is sturdy but can be adjusted to extend over a greater length of your loc if you choose. If it fits too big, multiple locs can be combined inside of the wire loop.

The Ankh is the Ancient Egyptian symbol for The Key of LIFE. Life in the physical and life eternal are a constant vibration- never stagnant. While there is breath in your lungs, keep moving, keep creating, and keep reaching your highest potential. Asé 

Raw Quartz is a high frequency stone that amplifies the energy of any stone you pair it with. Great for clarity of mind and to use during meditation.

Cowrie Shell, a symbol of abundance as cowrie shells were once used as a form of momentary exchange in Africa. Shaped like the vulva/yoni and is a vision of femininity, fertility, creation, protection, and abundance.