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High Vibe Sentiments

Ascend Dangles

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Ascend Dangles, brought to you by High Vibe Sentiments.

The ascend dangles is a reminder to SELF actualize (as suggested by Maslows hierarchy of needs). It’s NOT about getting to the top of the pyramid via competition, back biting etc. for the sake of domination and power.

Rather than living to meet the expectations of others, you discover your potential in order to THRIVE and create. This is how we change the vibration of the world. Live authentically in your own lane. There’s no need for approval or to suppress others. Know thyself. Love thyself. Be yourself.

Lava Stone Beads have a porous surface, which makes them great to wear with your favorite essential oils to help raise your vibrations.

Spec: 1” wide lava stone and gold plated stainless steel attachments